Why We DO IT

To us, food is so much more than just calories: Food is taste, fun, happiness, indulgence on the go or a feast with friends. It is sharing, culture, heritage and our best friend in good and challenging times.

The Status Quo Is 


What if we told you:

  • 30% of the world is nutrient deficient

  • Only 3 crops make up 60% of calories

  • 30% of the world is obese or overweight

  • 1 football field of rainforest is cut down every 6 seconds



We produce enough calories for 10 billion people yet every 6 seconds we lose forests the size of a football field. Seven people out of ten suffer from what they eat and eating too much kills three times more people than famine. An insane system we came to call the Nutritional Paradox. The Nutritional Paradox is our non profit arm which has been created to help tackle what we call the quadruple burden:

  • Hunger
  • Obesity
  • Micronutrient deficiencies
  • Destruction of the environment

What If...

  • We could change the world one meal at a time?
  • Food was unquestionably good?
  • Convenience food was good for us, the planet and local farmers



We create tasty foods for your diversified diet using Future Fit Crops that nourish us and our planet as well as helping farming communities' resilience.

We call it 360˚ sustenance.



360˚ sustenance to us means closing the loop by creating all around better meals - better for people, planet and the profit of local farmers.