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Eat the Rainbow - Eat your Antioxidants

Colour your life!

At WhatIF Foods, we have carefully curated natural ingredients to deliver a variety of antioxidants to you!

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Antioxidants is one of those health words thrown around without anyone understanding what it really means except that you should be having more of it.

So what are antioxidants?

You can break down the word into “anti-“ and “-oxidants” and you can probably guess that you should be having less of oxidants.

Now you’re probably asking, so what are oxidants then?

Oxidants found in your body potentially react with your DNA, leading to terrible diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. When you expose your body to environmental pollutants and junk food, you potentially introduce oxidants into your body.

Antioxidants can help protect your body against this damage.

Well-known antioxidants such as anthocyanins, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, lycopene, and lutein are abundantly found in fruits and vegetables. These antioxidants are colorful:

  • Lycopene is red
  • Beta-carotene is orange or yellow
  • Chlorophyll is green
  • Anthocyanins are blue or purple

This is why you sometimes hear the simple health message: “rainbow!”

When you eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, you consume a variety of antioxidants that help you fight against diseases.

That’s why we have designed WhatIF products to have the colour of the rainbow – from our red hot tomato soup, to our green moringa noodles, and to our purple ube shakeor to our orange pumpkin noodles – we have carefully curated natural ingredients to deliver a variety of antioxidants to you!

What’s more, we have fortified WhatIF soups and shakes with an additional boost of anthocyanins, lutein, lycopene, and coenzyme Q10 to optimise your fight against DNA damage.

Curious to know more? Head over to our Products page to read more about our colourful WhatIF products. You can also check out our BamNut Noodbox to get all four colourful noods in one box!

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