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News Release - WhatIF Foods: Leading the Natural Foods Industry With Mission, Ingredients and Health

WhatIF Foods perfectly represents Expo West’s top 3 trends in natural products: Clean Ingredients, A Mission That Matters, and Delivering Optimal Health to its consumers.

March 16, Anaheim, CA— This past March 7 to 11, 2023, the city of Anaheim, California, met countless brands that have dedicated their businesses in support of natural products, socially responsible practices and quality products at Expo West. Expo West is a melting pot of new ideas and opportunities in the food industry. In this year’s convention, Expo West identified three major trends that will impact the industry in the coming years: Clean Ingredients, Mission Matters and Optimal Health.

Among the many brands at Expo West is the planet-positive food band, WhatIF Foods. WhatIF Foods is a major influence in regenerative business and agriculture. While many food companies follow sustainable practices and business models, WhatIF Foods goes beyond sustainability and paves the way for regeneration. While other brands profess to be good for people and the planet, WhatIF Foods is never satisfied with good - “Why stop and Good Enough when we know there can always be A Better Better”.

Trend #1 - Clean Ingredients

As a brand dedicated to innovation and the regeneration of the earth, WhatIF Foods utilizes the Bambara groundnut as one of their primary instruments to fulfill its mission of using regenerative crops that replenish and rejuvenate the earth, rather than depleting it. The fondly called BAMnut is a nutritionally dense and hardy legume with the ability to restore degraded soils - resulting in healthier soil. With their hero ingredient BAMnut, WhatIF Foods has created a line of plant milk and instant noodles using clean, simple and natural ingredients that are both good for you and the planet. Their BAMnut Milk uses just three ingredients, and is free from added sugars, gums, stabilizers and emulsifiers.     

Trend #2 - Mission Matters

WhatIF Foods aims to normalize regenerative business and agriculture practices so that other food brands can follow suit. Christoph Langwallner, WhatIF Foods’ co- founder and CEO, has spoken extensively about the shortcomings of focusing on sustainability. Langwallner is a strong advocate for business that restores and regenerates the earth. WhatIF Foods’ mission is to reconnect and replenish everything - the farmers, the soil and our future.

Langwallner recently spoke at the 2022 Planetier’s World Gathering held in Lisbon, Portugal about the importance of taking a step beyond focusing on sustainability. Furthermore, WhatIF Foods was recognized as a force for good business and was awarded the 2023 Real Leaders Impact Award for their initiatives in urging others to focus on regenerative agriculture to positively impact the world.

As such, WhatIF Foods’ mission is to create a movement and transformation in the food industry that regenerates the earth, not just sustains it.

Trend #3 - Optimal Health

As compared to other plant-based milk such as soy, oat and almond milk, WhatIF Foods’ BAMnut Milk is more nutritionally dense, containing 5g of protein in one cup and about three times more fiber than other plant milks. For optimal health, WhatIF Foods makes their BAMnut Milk with just 3 ingredients and without any additives, stabilizers or gums. WhatIF’s BAMnut Instant Noodles are reimagining what instant noodles should be. Often, instant noodles contain empty calories, containing mostly fat. WhatIF’s BamNut Noodles are healthier and contain more protein and dietary fiber, crucial for a healthy diet.

The BAMnut’s uncanny ability to restore the earth and WhatIF Foods’ efforts to reconnect consumers to the farmers that produce their food in West Africa have positively affected the world, inviting change that truly restores the planet. According to WhatIF Foods, a single cup of BAMnut milk a day for a year reduces carbon emissions equivalent to traveling 113 miles by car, over 14 New York studio apartments’ worth of agricultural land saved and 447 showers worth of water saved.

With a mission that significantly impacts the earth and people; a product that’s clean, simple and highly nutritious, WhatIF Foods ticks all the boxes for the major food trends to look out for in the food industry. WhatIF Foods is leading the way for Better Better business and agriculture, representing the spirit of innovation that’s celebrated in the natural products industry.

Join the movement for regenerative business and agriculture by supporting WhatIF Foods. You can find their products on their website, Amazon and select retailers in the New York area including:

  • Citerellas
  • Key Food
  • Brooklyn Harvest
  • Food Town
  • Super Fresh Market
  • Urban Market
  • Gourmet Fresh
  • City Acres

Answer WhatIF Foods’ call to not simply settle for sustainable business practices, but to aim for a Better Better.

About WhatIF Foods

WhatIF Foods is a planet-based food company focused on earth-friendly, people- friendly ways to create healthy meals. WhatIF Foods is going beyond and creating “A BETTER BETTER.” A never-ending quest to push beyond sustainability and reimagine how we get our food. Their regenerative farming practices mean food that’s better for our bodies, our soils, our planet and farming communities. Their BAMnut Milk is not only creamy and delicious but is made with just 3 natural ingredients. WhatIF’s noodles contain 17g of protein and are available in 4 delicious flavors; all made with the regenerative Bambara groundnut, a legume that naturally replenishes our bodies and our planet. Explore at and follow @whatiffoods on IG and TikTok.

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