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Product Reviews

Guilt Free Food

We understand that you want to eat your favorite snacks without feeling like you are harming your body or the environment. Each product we make is made with the highest quality ingredients. We only produce them in a way that keeps all the nutrients in ever bite, and we make sure we have a positive impact on the environment so the future looks a little more green.

So eat with confidence and enjoy our tasty, healthy, and sustainable foods. 


All of our products are made with future fit crops. What are they? Future Fit crops are nutritionally dense, naturally climate-resilient, and can grow in the most depleted soils. They can bring a new source of income to places that rely on farming, but have soils that can't grow other crop types.

Our mission is to use these crops to help replenish the economies of many farming communities that have lost their soil to GMO farming and palm farming.


BamNut Shake


Moringa Noodles


BamNut UBE Shake